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The Worst Facebook Page In The World: Status Updates

The Worst Facebook Page In The World: Status Updates

Status updates are the backbone of any social media account. A page can have an amazing profile photo, the best cover image in the universe and hundreds of positive reviews. But the main bulk of content that people will see are the status updates. Mess them up, and it can destroy all your good work elsewhere.

If you’ve read the other posts in this series, you’ll be unsurprised to find out that the page we created as “The Worst Facebook Page In The World,” doesn’t do very well when it comes to their status updates.

I’m going to go through a few of their updates now and show you their issues, along with the best practices that could be taken.

Status Updates With Bad Writing

Let’s start off with the easiest issue to solve, but also the one we see most often here at The Go! Agency: terrible spelling and grammar.

In this day and age where every phone and computer has a spell check, there’s simply no excuse to misspell anything.

Here at The Go! Agency, when we write status updates for clients (and ourselves) we use software to help check our spelling and grammar, and we also have one of our team proofread our work for possible errors.

While this process may be a bit too much for a small business, there’s still no excuse for doing a quick check yourself before you hit “Post.”

Using correct spelling and grammar isn’t going to win you any new customers. But it does ensure you look professional.

Status updates filled with errors can turn customers off. It can make you look sloppy and lazy.

Do you need to be the Ernest Hemingway of status updates? No. But do you need to ensure your spelling and grammar are correct? Yes.

Status Updates With Unappealing Photos

Your business might be in a shack in the middle of a parking lot.

It could be in an unappealing strip mall with a dull storefront.

Or it could be the size of a postage stamp.

Many business owners don’t have the perfect location and have to do the best with what they’ve got. A lot succeed despite these weaknesses.

But showcasing those weaknesses on social media can only hurt your business.

Before you post photos from your business location, ask yourself how potential customers will respond. Remember that you’re in control of how your photos look and what they show, so only show your best side.

That shack might look delightful inside.

Behind that dull storefront might be a sleek, modern restaurant.

That postage stamp sized business might be cozy and warm inside.

You decide what people see.

Which brings us to our next mistake:

Status Updates With Bad Quality Photos

I’m sure you can see a theme developing here:

Don’t post content that isn’t the best quality you can make it.

If you take a photo, make sure it’s not blurry and out of focus. Make sure it’s actually of something relevant.

Don’t just show things. Show people experiencing your business and enjoying themselves.

That way potential customers will know they’ll enjoy themselves too.

Unfiltered Status Updates

Social media is a perfect place to express your opinions. To share your thoughts and feelings. To connect to others that agree and argue with those that disagree.Which is why some business owners think it’s ok to use their business page as their personal soapbox.

It’s not ok.

When posting to your business page, ask yourself: “Could this possibly make somebody, anybody annoyed?” If the answer is YES, then don’t post it.

Definitely, don’t use it to be unprofessional towards your customers. That’s a sure-fire way to ensure they never want to come to your business.

Treat your social media like a family party at Christmas. Don’t mention politics, religion or anything even slightly controversial.No matter how much you hate the Yankees. 

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