Social Media Marketing

What can social media marketing do for you?

Like it or not, you need social media.

Every day, another competitor uses social media to capture your customer base. Your online reputation is everything. It’s time to brand yourself effectively in the social media space.

And you need it done well.

Be honest with yourself. Are you really making your social media work for you? There are a lot of options to choose from and more are coming. We utilize them all for our clients every day, and we research and test for the future. Our specialists determine the right ones for your industry and develop unique campaigns to jump your visibility exponentially.

Quick, efficient, aggressive branding in a matter of weeks

We develop a social media marketing strategy specific to your needs and execute it for you quickly so you’ll be in front of the contacts that give you genuine business opportunities.

It’s time to do this for real.

Combine platforms to customize your social media marketing, and we do the rest for you: posting, commenting, engaging, sharing, entertaining, and educating.

Campaign options for your company:

Facebook is our number one requested service because it’s often the hardest for businesses to implement successfully and get return on investment. Your Facebook campaign should be a reflection of your expertise. Equally, it needs to present unique information that your consumers want to read and share. We create a custom strategy and develop engaging content that positions you as the business that people talk about and trust.

We make it simple for you by handling all the work (including navigating the updates).

  • Full Account Creation and Management (including privacy)
  • Branded Page Creation: custom cover, logo, tab images
  • Custom Tab Integration
  • Client Contact Integration (Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Outlook, Gmail)
  • Daily Page Management
  • Daily Outreach
  • Daily Network Interaction
  • Daily Network Increase
  • Facebook Advertising (including Pixels, Lead Forms, Instant Articles and More)
  • Monthly Reports

Does Twitter actually provide any value for a business? Yes. If you do it correctly. Twitter seems like it should be simple to use, but without a strategy, you will not gain exposure or connect with customers. There is a steep learning curve to Twitter and many businesses come to us frustrated and wondering why this constant effort gets them so little.

We do all the Tweeting for you with custom campaigns that break through the Twitter landscape so that you will generate leads. Let us take this task off your hands and get you above the noise quickly.

  • Account Setup and Management (including privacy)
  • Custom Username Creation
  • Custom Twitter Logo, Header, and Background
  • Total Inbox Management: responding and managing all points of interaction
  • Daily Outreach, Engagement, and Sharing
  • Daily Network Growth in Target Market
  • Daily Competition Analysis
  • Weekly Network Analytics
  • Monthly Reports

If your goal is to increase your visibility and position yourself as an expert, then you need to beef up your LinkedIn presence. It’s a primary strategy component when you are missing that edge to market your business.

LinkedIn is not just about posting company facts. You need to be found! This takes management and time you may not have. We make you part of the conversation and show connections why you are worth getting to know. Again and again, our LinkedIn campaigns produce results that exceed expectations, especially by multiplying the referrals from your target market.

  • Account Creation and Management
  • Professional Profile Creation and Maximization
  • Company Page Creation and Headers
  • Video, Photo, and File Integration
  • Custom Group Creation
  • Build Testimonials
  • Group Building
  • Daily Posting and Network Interaction
  • Daily Account Management and Inbox Management
  • Daily Group Activity (giving you exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers)
  • Daily Network Development
  • Monthly Reports

Instagram works in many different ways: as the perfect compliment to your Facebook marketing campaign AND as a stand-alone branding tool that will help you tell your company’s story to your target audience.  As visuals are king, Instagram banks on this fact for you by enabling you to share photographs and videos which will help your target audience engage with you in a whole new way.  Don’t have time to create eye-catching images and instantly engaging videos?  That is where The Go! Agency comes in!  We think outside-the-box to showcase your brand personality to increase SEO, website traffic, and much more.


  • Custom Business Page Creation
  • Custom Logo Creation
  • Incorporation of Your Website
  • Full Account Setup and Management
  • Creation of Custom Photographs and Images
  • Creation of Custom Videos
  • Daily Network Building
  • Daily Network Outreach
  • Daily Account Posting
  • Instagram Advertising Campaigns
  • Monthly Reports

Many businesses benefit from exposure on Pinterest because it increases click-throughs to their websites. Today, visual exposure is the key to online marketing visibility. You might think your business is not visual enough to merit space on Pinterest, but this platform reaches a large audience that shares with consumers constantly. The trick is how you engineer your presence. We think outside-the-box to showcase your products and brand personality to increase SEO, website traffic, and shares on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Custom Business Page Creation
  • Custom Logo Creation
  • Incorporation of Your Website
  • Registering of Your Website
  • Full Account Setup and Management
  • Creation of Boards
  • Creation of Pins
  • Daily Network Building
  • Daily Network Outreach
  • Daily Account Posting
  • Monthly Reports

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google? That’s why it’s the perfect solution for businesses that want to show off their products and services via video.

With the majority of people using their mobile phones to browse the internet, quick and easily digested content is crucial. Video is getting ever popular as it’s easier to engage with on a phone than text.

With our YouTube service, we heighten your profile on YouTube to increase your visibility and ensure your videos get to the correct audience.

This involves:

  • YouTube Channel Creation/Optimization
  • Uploading and Organizing of All Videos
  • Video Creation
  • Optimization of All Videos for Searches
  • YouTube Channel Branding
  • Cross Links to Other Social Media and Website
  • Advertising and PPC Options Available

“The Go! Agency has been remarkable in creating our presence on the web. Everything from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and many more. Christopher and his team really put us on the map! They listened to our needs and really performed for us! They surpassed our expectations…now how many times has that happened to you in business? I LOVE these guys!!!”

– Pamela Nebeker, CEO, TalkAbout Productions and Nebtek