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Social Media Advertising

Over $51.3 billion is projected to be spent on social media advertising in 2018.

Low cost in comparison to other online advertising methods with high results.

Social media budgets are set to double by 2023.

The Social Media Landscape Is Changing

As social media sites become more and more popular, they’re changing their algorithms to make connecting with followers harder to do organically. At the same time, they’re putting more onus on their advertising platforms to help businesses connect with their customers.

With that in mind, we find that using advertising on a range of social media sites opens up the opportunity to put your business in front of a preferred audience as well allowing you to edge out on your competition that relies on organic traffic.

Marketers are understanding the power of social media advertising as unlike other types of advertising it allows you to put ads directly in front of people that are interested in your business. If you don’t do it, your competitor will.

How We Work

Our full-service agency can handle every stage of your social media advertising with staff in multiple departments working together on your campaign. Our social media advertising accounts range in size from a few hundred dollars per month to budgets of $100,000+.

Our campaigns are focused on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. For each campaign we:

  • Our CEO and marketing experts will audit your company to figure out what advertising platform is best for you.
  • We’ll create custom audiences for your business that are most likely to engage with your product and services.
  • Our Copywriting team will write the copy for your advertisements while our Graphic Designers will create your eye-catching visuals.
  • Your advertising will be managed by one of our experienced Social Media Managers who will contact you regularly to update you on your ad performance.
  • We’ll optimize each ad campaign to continually improve your results, our main goal being to get you more conversions.
  • Monthly reports will be sent to you to show the positive results of your campaigns.

Want To Get Started?

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