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Access Community Services




27 October 2016


Access Community Services


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Access Community Services provides counseling in the comfort of the home.  Their professional, licensed clinicians bring their high level of expertise to the home to offer counseling and social service assistance.  Their in-home services remove typical barriers that prevent people from receiving assistance, and they make counseling a more comfortable and accessible opportunity for all.  Clients do not have anxiety about leaving the home and going to a strange office, do not experience the pressure of preparing to leave the home for an appointment, and do not pay for the expense of transportation to get to an appointment.  They remain in the comfort of their homes and meet with a skilled clinician to help them find a higher quality of life.

The Client Wanted…

The client had built their business successfully through networking, but they were too busy to translate that success through social media marketing and email marketing.  We executed these items successfully for them in a short period of time.

With growth comes branding concerns, and the client wanted to rebrand to reflect the company’s enhancements.  They required help with graphic design and many elements of the creative process.

The Go! Agency Delivered…

Our client had a niche focus in target market and target area, so we fine-tuned a campaign that helped them reach their online promotional goals and explore lead generation.  Our mix involved Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Here are the outcomes of our custom social media marketing campaign:

  • 60+ pieces of original content per month across all platforms
  • Brand consistency from unified visual identity across all platforms
  • Outreach to 20+ leads monthly and facilitated conversations with new leads
  • Increased audience engagement from active real-time photo and video sharing
  • Increased event attendance from promotion and marketing before/during/after occasion
  • Drastic increased of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ search rankings
  • 6,100% Facebook network growth
  • 4,100% Twitter network growth
  • 5,900+ LinkedIn connections
  • 654,800+ LinkedIn professionals exposed to client networking in Groups
  • 200+ LinkedIn group members joined after creation of custom Group

The client wanted to revolutionize their existing email marketing strategy.

  • Custom email marketing template creation
  • Weekly email blast, including formatting and delivery
  • Social media and image integration and video connectivity
  • Subscription management

The client wanted to update their brand to a new look and feel.

  • New eye-catching logo
  • Business card creation
  • Brochure creation
  • Signage creation