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Category : Video

5 Ways Apps Changed Social Media Forever


Remember when the only thing phones could do was make a phone call? Nowadays, you can literally run a whole business from the palm of your hand. Social media marketing is one of the industries that changed the most thanks to smartphone innovations. The main reason? Downloadable apps. With just the tap of a finger, users can […]

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YouTube’s Iron Fist: What It Says About Social Media


Ever since people realized that they could say whatever they want on the internet, there have been people trying to figure out rules, restrictions, and ultimately, censoring.  Obviously, once “censor” starts to be thrown around, all content creators’ ears perk up. Many creative individuals, whether they are in a business role or not, have found […]

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Coming Up Next In The Social Media Marketing World


Social media reflects the wants and needs of the people who use it. Because of that, it’s growth patterns are organic. Trends grow and fade, features are added and taken away. Some of these are very easy to predict while others come as a shock. For the rest of 2016 and early 2017, here’s what […]

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Slow Summer? Speed It Up With Social Media Marketing


The scorching days of summer aren’t typically days in which summer is sizzling for most businesses. While everyone is either away on vacation or too hot to do any business, the dog days of summer are always difficult for businesses to thrive. Yet there is still plenty to do! Just because business may be slow […]

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Is Facebook Adding Commercial Breaks To Your Videos?


It looks like we are going full circle with advertisements. TV gave us ads mid-program and the internet provided uninterrupted entertainment. Now, however, Facebook is about to try a nostalgic business tactic by testing “mid-roll” ads on Facebook Live. The social media giant is trying to find a way to incorporate advertisements during live broadcasts […]

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4 Approaches To Educate Your Social Media Audience


A lot of people use social media for entertainment. It’s not hard to find funny pictures, videos, or lighthearted stories all over the internet. But there are still many of us with a thirst for knowledge.  Where do we turn?  Social media. One of the most significant ways businesses can engage with customers is educating […]

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Learn Snapchat In A Snap!


Okay, Snapchat, you have our attention. The app-exclusive social media platform is beginning to hold its own amongst the social media giants, especially for Millennials and younger users. With video’s rise in popularity, it was to be expected. Its interface isn’t exactly where it should be, but with each new update we are seeing improvements. […]

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Putting “Live” Back into Conversations


In social media, an “instant response” is a highly sought after concept for businesses. On Facebook, pages will be rated on how quickly their response time is to a message. We’re told to reply to everything if possible. The pressure is on to be quicker, more precise, and we need to have a smile while […]

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