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6 Inexpensive Visual Tools For Your Social Media Marketing


For a long time, Adobe Photoshop had a tight grasp on the graphic design world. While it’s a very helpful tool that’s equipped with tons of features, it costs a fortune – often times way too much for businesses to afford. While Photoshop is still a dominant force, companies do not need to spend hundreds […]

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How Social Media Helps Brick And Mortar Stores Compete With Online Giants


It’s not easy to have a traditional, “brick and mortar” store these days. The power of Amazon, eBay, and the other online giants are almost too much to compete with. But there is hope. While the internet seems to be the enemy, it’s just a tool. And if those big guys can use it, so […]

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5 Social Media Marketing “Grinch-worthy” Acts


It’s time for your social media marketing A-game. Everyone is flocking to their closest screen for the latest deals, sales, and holiday goodness. Your brand will receive a lot more attention simply because more people are roaming the internet and social media platforms. Making sure your content is on point is essential. This is not […]

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The 5 Social Media Marketing Pros You Need


To get the job done, your business is going to need a social media marketing team of experts. Just like in those heist movies, each member of your team will play a certain role, each one equally as vital as the others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms need special planning and a certain set […]

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A Tale Of Testimonials And Social Media Marketing


Starting a business isn’t easy. A fancy Facebook page is essential, but without backing from your local customers, you’re in trouble. It’s similar to the age old dilemma, how do you get experience when no one hires anyone without experience? We’ll let’s find out how Rachel Wilson did it…A few years ago, Rachel founded Wilson […]

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The 5 Mantras Of A Social Media Marketer


Every social media marketer can agree on a few things. For one thing, there’s nothing like going on Facebook bright and early and seeing a 5-star review. Or, it’s always a great thing to go onto Twitter to see yesterday’s tweet got a ton of retweets. Sure, some of us may disagree on some issues […]

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How Social Media Revolutionizes Marketing: A Back To Basics Guide


Marketing has changed for the better. While our primary goal is still to present our brands and products in the most positive and appealing manner possible, we have completely revolutionized how we connect with our masses. Social media is the primary catalyst for this change. This is not only beneficial to the brand itself, but […]

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Harness The Holidays On Social Media (And Not Just The Big Ones)


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the massive marketing machines revving their engines. The holiday season is about to go into full swing, and if you don’t have your marketing strategy in play by now, you better get a move on. But holiday engagement isn’t only exclusive to late November to the beginning […]

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Where Will Facebook Stand In 2017?


To put it lightly, 2016 was interesting. This is especially true in the world of social media. We’ve seen its power demonstrated by spreading the word of movements, charities, and new businesses. Without social media, some companies wouldn’t have been able to make it. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest “movers and shakers” of this busy […]

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An Important Rule For Franchisees And Social Media Marketing


Its hard to find a business that doesn’t have some form of social media marketing these days. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter account, or even a YouTube channel, many professionals understand the benefits that come with these powerful tools. Franchise owners are included in this. Yet still, there is one thing that some owners […]

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