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Do You Sound Too Good To Be True On Social Media?


We’ve all seen spams, infomercials, and cheesy pop-ups that we wouldn’t believe for a million years. Usually, it’s easy to spot trouble, especially on the internet. However, some social media marketers may be sabotaging their brands by sounding illegitimate without even realizing it. There are two ways businesses look “too good to be true”.”First, wording […]

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5 Ways Hotels and Resorts Can Be Stars At Social Media Media Marketing


  Hotel marketers have a tough job to do. Well, they had a harder job before social media marketing came. Now, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow marketers to spread the word about their little chunk of paradise in one of the most popular and effective ways possible. To stand out above the rest, hotels, resorts, […]

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The Best Times To Post For Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing, like many other professions, requires precision and attention to detail. One of the smallest, but most important, of these details, is timing. When the right time is to post your content greatly depends on which platform you’re using at the time. Even if you have the exact same piece of content and […]

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6 Ways To Gather Feedback From Your Social Media Fans


“We value your opinion!” We’ve all heard that one before. Sometimes, we just don’t have time to bother with providing feedback to companies. Thankfully, social media allows some convenient and even fun ways for consumers to give their opinion. Check out these ways you can gather tons of info to analyze. 1. Polls. There’s no easier […]

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What Marketers Can Learn From Vine’s Failure


In 2013, an odd little app named Vine popped up on the App Store. A few months later, it was bought by social media giant Twitter. That’s when Vine started to explode. Users were able to share 6 second long videos to their friends, and soon it became a medium of its own. Now in […]

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5 Unlikely Industries That Excel At Social Media Marketing


When we say social media marketing applies to any business, we mean ANY business. Still, some professionals don’t feel their industry fits this progressive marketing’s mold. It’s time to wake up! Are you a professional in one of the following fields and refuse to use social media for business? Check out the ways social media […]

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Today’s Top Apps To Help Social Media Marketers


The industry of mobile apps is one of the most thriving aspects of software development in our current time. The sheer versatility that an app can possess seems almost infinite. It transforms our tablets and smartphones into gaming platforms, televisions, digital assistants, and so much more. It’s more than just playing Angry Birds and watching […]

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The 5 Essential Steps To Social Media Images


Balance. Not a word that people often associate with social media marketing, but in reality, it’s one of the most important elements of a successful strategy. Just like a meditating monk or a juggler, balance is essential. But what is there to balance? For one thing, the balance of visual tools and text. One cannot […]

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Why Social Media Marketing Makes Your Company Contemporary


Remember when we all thought that the future would have flying cars, robot butlers, and pneumatic tubes everywhere? It looks like the Jetsons were a tad off. Instead, we’re working with the thinnest, sleekest, and fastest phones, computers, and tablets. What does all of it have in common? The internet. Heck, even our refrigerators and […]

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# Marks The Spot: How To Hunt For Social Media Content


At times, social media marketing may feel like a treasure hunt without the map. That golden piece of content to like, share, and expand upon tends to be difficult to find without the right tools. But this isn’t a reason to give up. On the contrary, this content will help shape your marketing strategy for […]

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