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Social Media Success Isn’t About Luck, It’s About Expertise

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You don’t need a four-leaf clover or a lucky rabbit’s foot to do well on social media. What makes a good social media marketing strategy? Expertise and skill. As social media marketers, we have seen the online landscape shift drastically on a regular basis thanks to new algorithms, rules, regulations, and formulas. You can’t just […]

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The Dangers of Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong

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We’ve all seen “self-destructive marketing.” It’s those half-hearted attempts that are so cringe-worthy that they actually hurt the company. It could be a website that uses blurry images or graphics from the 1990s or a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since last Halloween. It could also be much more subtle, but just as detrimental. […]

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The Challenge of Hitting Your Target Audience on Social Media

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Sometimes online marketing can be like matchmaking. In order for it to work, you have to know who exactly you’re looking for. Ask yourself, “Who wants my product?”, “Who needs my product?”, and last but not least, “Who’s life will be better if they buy my product?” When I ask new clients these questions, I […]

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Want More Brand Awareness On Social Media? Start Doing These 5 Things

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I was recently speaking with a friend who had been managing her company’s social media marketing for several months. Her frustration was through the roof as she started talking about her troubles. “I’m just not seeing any results!” she said. We sat down and reviewed what was going on. It didn’t take very long to […]

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Pro Tips For Planning Your Promos

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Where would your social media marketing be without some form of promotion? It wouldn’t it be very marketable, would it? Yes, it’s true that your social media needs some form of a promotional element. However, this type of content needs to be tactful, organic and most importantly, planned out. Some companies run into a ton […]

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4 Ways You Can Show Your Customers Love on Social Media

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Every relationship needs a balance of give and take, right? The business – customer relationship is no different. Customers get excited when they see their favorite companies make special efforts. It comes as no surprise that social media marketing is a fantastic avenue to make your customers smile. How can your marketing excite and engage […]

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The First Rule of Social Media Marketing…

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Bad news for phone book advertisers and billboard makers – the internet has changed the way we do marketing. At the head of this revolution is social media marketing which has the ability to boost your brand’s online visibility exponentially.Yet like everything else in life, our industry has rules. What is the first rule of […]

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How Customers Can Spread The Love On Social Media

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Love is in the air! From its inception, social media has been all about connecting with those who are important in your life. For businesses, who is more important than the customers? They are already out there, logging in to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis. Isn’t it time that you take your […]

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Why Data Is A Social Media Marketer’s Best Friend

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Is there something wrong with your company’s social media marketing? You may have spent a ton of time crafting updates and still, no fish are biting. Maybe you just can’t put your finger on what the problem is. It’s time to study your data. Social media analytics may reveal the weak links in your content […]

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