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Why Do Social Media Metrics Matter?


You’ve probably heard it thousands of times now, from countless bloggers and experts. Like a nagging parent that keeps asking you to clean your room. Over and over again you hear, “You’ve got to keep track of your metrics!” “Have you been using your analytics?” “HAVE YOU COLLATED YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA DATA YET?!” Maybe the […]

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How Can I Keep My Branding Consistent On Social Media?

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Branding is such a major facet of marketing and brand recognition. It’s about keeping a consistent and recognizable identity and ensuring the customer that they are getting what they have come to expect from such a great company. So how can social media help with such an important endeavor? The following is five steps to […]

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How To Create Awesome Overlays For Your Facebook Live

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Last week, I wrote about how to improve the quality of your Facebook Live. This week, I want to get a little more advanced and show you how to create some overlays for your videos. If you’ve watched our Facebook Live videos recently, you’ve probably noticed that before we start, we have an image teasing […]

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