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A Decade of Go! Agency Gold

A Decade of Go! Agency Gold

Ten years ago, when Christopher and I started The Go! Agency in 2009, online marketing was like the wild west – no real rules, a lot of tumbleweeds, and only a few people striking it rich. Since then, we’ve moved away from the traditional sales and marketing strategy that most of us cut our teeth […]

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10 Years Later: From the Desk of the CEO

10 Years Later_ From the Desk of the CEO

It is really unbelievable to think that 10 years ago this month The Go! Agency was born with one client, two employees (myself and co-owner Dale Griffen), and a bucketload of dreams for the future. Flash forward 10 years to today, we have a full roster of clients, talented staff, beautiful offices, and a future […]

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Social Media: The Front Lines Of Customer Communication


Customers are the lifeforce of a business. For multiple reasons, a business simply cannot thrive without a substantial customer base. Social media marketing isn’t any different. Without followers, a business is just talking to itself. Our customers are the reason we have the marketing industry in the first place, and we take that concept a […]

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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Has Become Essential


Even before the internet took over everything, marketers had a duty to adapt the brand they represented to current trends. Whether the fashionable thing to do was to send out a thick catalog in the mail or to put up flashy billboards downtown, those in charge of promotions always had to keep contemporary. Today’s brands […]

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