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Category : Marketing

Off-Site Social Media Marketing: 10 Ways to Market Your Profiles Outside of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


While going through numerous articles on social media strategies it dawned on me that there was a glaring omission: tactics on how to promote your social media profiles OUTSIDE of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. While it may sound odd, cross marketing is an essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy (as well as […]

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What You Need to Ask Before Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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(This blog has been reprinted courtesy of Doctor’s Life Magazine CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT ONLINE). In my last two installments of “Your Social Media Prescription” we discussed “Social Media 101” – getting your online marketing efforts up and running, and “The Cost of Social Media” – showing you the pros and cons, as well […]

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“Hey, Your Links Aren’t Working!” – How to Avoid This and Other Social Media Pitfalls


There is nothing worse than being called out by your target audience for a broken link, mis-spelling or grammatical mistake on one of your social media updates or profiles.  The obvious way to avoid this would be to proof-read and double check all of the links and content before you post. But what happens when […]

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Step-By-Step: How to Do a Competitive Analysis on Social Media


One of the things I tell prospective clients, as well as those interested in exploring the value of social media marketing for their company, is that one of the most important reasons to become involved with the social media world is to keep, or gain, a competitive edge over your competition. I’ve spoken before about […]

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