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The 4 Facebook Ads Your Page Needs


Businesses of various sizes, industries, and locations are flocking to Facebook! Entrepreneurs and professionals realize that their target customer base is just a few clicks away. How are they promoting themselves? Facebook advertising! When one thinks of online advertising, those pesky pop-ups come to mind. Facebook advertisements are more subtle, engaging, and effective.  To make […]

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Why Is Facebook Advertising So Important?


Did you know that there are more Facebook users as there are people in China? The number of those on social media is hard to fathom. How can businesses hope to reach the right people? Facebook advertising gives marketers and their content a unique advantage! There has been a 50% increase of companies using Facebook […]

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Is Your Business Ready For These Social Media Updates?


Social media marketing is all about a friendly back-and-forth conversation between brands and customers. Companies need to send out a healthy dose of content onto their platforms to achieve the friendly and potentially sales-boosting engagement we all hope for. While there is a ton of ideas out there, there are particular posts that are reserved […]

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Facebook Messenger’s Live Video Chat Gets a Revamp


For those aware of social media trends, Facebook’s recent update should come as no surprise. Video, more specifically LIVE video, continues to shake the social media industry to its core, and Facebook once again takes note from Snapchat. Facebook has recently revamped their Messenger app’s live video chat feature. While an option that rivaled Skype […]

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