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Category : Instagram

Putting “Live” Back into Conversations


In social media, an “instant response” is a highly sought after concept for businesses. On Facebook, pages will be rated on how quickly their response time is to a message. We’re told to reply to everything if possible. The pressure is on to be quicker, more precise, and we need to have a smile while […]

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The Domination of Social Media


It seems that we have an interesting relationship with social media. Sure, we get our news, connections, entertainment, and business advertisements through these intuitive websites, but in the same breath we’ll complain how our lives are being dominated by technology. Maybe people are addicted to these websites and the screens we view them on. Yet […]

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Social Media Around the World


The point of social media is to connect the world’s many citizens. Through this technologically based revolution, we’ve kept in contact with people that would never be possible otherwise. Thanks to international phone charges, we would never be able to hear our loved one’s voices if it wasn’t for some of these platforms. However, are […]

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The Year is Over, Now What? Your Social Media Strategy for 2016


It’s that time of the year again.  The holiday season brings lots of joy to many…but for the marketing professionals out there, this marks the time when the plans for the upcoming business year need to be presented.  What is the monthly plan?  What is the annual budget? What changes will be made? What are […]

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