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Category : Healthcare Marketing

5 Ways To Write A Stellar Social Media Update


Ever since the early days of the newspaper, people have studied the power of the headline. Writers carefully selected each word so their paper would pull in readers. Social media marketing has evolved this concept. Thankfully, we don’t need people shouting “Extra!” on street corners. Instead, we have to make sure our updates are noticeable […]

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Slow Summer? Speed It Up With Social Media Marketing


The scorching days of summer aren’t typically days in which summer is sizzling for most businesses. While everyone is either away on vacation or too hot to do any business, the dog days of summer are always difficult for businesses to thrive. Yet there is still plenty to do! Just because business may be slow […]

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The Value of Ongoing Social Media Marketing Education


Lifelong learning is not necessarily a new trend.  As a business owner, marketer, sales person, whomever – in this fast moving world, it is impossible to survive unless you are able to be malleable and learn new things on a regular basis. I find this attitude applicable to how a business views social media marketing.  […]

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Social Media Zen: 3 Mantras to Get You On Your Way


You are using social media to market your business.  You are engaging every day, meeting new connections, finding new business, and starting exciting discussions.  There is so much going on at times that you feel a bit overwhelmed, but are still eager to keep learning. But, after a while, you begin to slip.  You start […]

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LinkedIn Results: What Your Home Health Agency or Assisted Living Facility Can Expect!


If you have been following our blog or our related daily national radio show (The Social Marketing Academy), you know that I am an absolutely MASSIVE proponent of the powers of marketing your company on LinkedIn.  This vibrant and highly active professional social networking hub can offer so many positive outcomes to your business that […]

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Incorporating HIPAA into Your Practice’s Social Media Marketing


This article has been reprinted with permission from Doctor’s Life Magazine.  To learn more about Doctor’s Life Magazine, please click here. It’s clear that social media is here to stay and that ALL businesses, including healthcare organizations, are currently using and will continue to increase their use of social media to connect with their targeted […]

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