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Category : Facebook Messenger

Are Your Employees Ready For Social Media?


There is a substantial difference between personal and professional social media. Just because an employee knows how to post cat pictures on Facebook or retweet a celebrity on Twitter, doesn’t automatically mean they understand how to manage a business page on these platforms. Those who run your company’s social media marketing will require some form […]

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4 Elements Of Social Media That Need Your Attention


When companies create a budget, they want to make sure they are paying for the most efficient tools, products, and services available. Companies are gradually starting to realize that social media fits into these categories. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a box labeled “Social Media Marketing” once a year and call it a day. There […]

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Planning Your 2017 Budget? Don’t Forget Social Media Advertising!


2017. It seems so far away, doesn’t it? By the time the new year comes, the election will be behind us, the holidays will be over, and we’ll even have a new Star Wars film! It seems like a distant future. Yet in truth, it’s only a few short months away and businesses need to […]

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How To Heat Up Your Hashtag Game


One of the most important elements of social media marketing is to spread your content as far as possible. To achieve this goal, we have hashtags as handy tools. These little guys allow our posts to appear when someone searches for that hashtag. They’re basically the advanced version of a keyword.  Simple, right? Hashtags are […]

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Slow Summer? Speed It Up With Social Media Marketing


The scorching days of summer aren’t typically days in which summer is sizzling for most businesses. While everyone is either away on vacation or too hot to do any business, the dog days of summer are always difficult for businesses to thrive. Yet there is still plenty to do! Just because business may be slow […]

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Is Facebook Adding Commercial Breaks To Your Videos?


It looks like we are going full circle with advertisements. TV gave us ads mid-program and the internet provided uninterrupted entertainment. Now, however, Facebook is about to try a nostalgic business tactic by testing “mid-roll” ads on Facebook Live. The social media giant is trying to find a way to incorporate advertisements during live broadcasts […]

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What The Presidential Election Can Teach Us About Social Media


You may not have noticed if you’ve been in outer space for the past two years, but it’s time for the Presidential Election again. Everyone knows who the two major candidates are and what they stand for. By the time November hits, most of us will be able to recite the many commercials by heart. […]

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Go For The Gold! How The Olympics Affect Your Social Media


If you can believe it, it’s time for the 2016 Olympics! Yesterday, the opening ceremonies commenced, and the whole world watched with their flag of choice waving in their hands. These flags were also waving on Twitter thanks to a new development the social media giant implemented especially for the games. You can see the […]

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Yes, Even YOU Need Social Media Marketing


Have you ever said, “Yes, I know about social media, but it’s not really for my business.”? What about “We just don’t see the point in that stuff.”? We’ve heard it all before and guess what? Social media is for everyone. Professionals from a wide variety of industries are benefiting from using social media marketing […]

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