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Category : Facebook Messenger

Social Media Multitasking: Why One Profile Isn’t Enough


In the beginning, there was MySpace. That was consumed by Facebook, which had internet rule for a while. Then rose Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vine, Swarm, Tumblr,  Foursquare, Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, Stacks, Stumbleupon, and Reddit. Whew! There are too many platforms to count, and while it’s impossible to successfully manage accounts on […]

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8 Steps To Conquer Social Media Writer’s Block


Social media marketing requires a large amount of creative juices and sometimes, the well runs dry. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t going to wait for inspiration to strike once more. You need to jumpstart your imagination so you can make fresh, engaging content for your Facebook, Twitter, […]

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Facebook Tries To Be A Cool Kid With Lifestage


When Mark Zuckerberg first released Facebook into the world, its original purpose was meant to help college students to connect. In fact, you couldn’t even sign up if you didn’t have a .edu email address. Obviously, all that has changed. Now, everyone and their grandma (literally) has a Facebook page. This year, the primordial idea […]

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Coming Up Next In The Social Media Marketing World


Social media reflects the wants and needs of the people who use it. Because of that, it’s growth patterns are organic. Trends grow and fade, features are added and taken away. Some of these are very easy to predict while others come as a shock. For the rest of 2016 and early 2017, here’s what […]

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5 Steps To Start Social Media With A Bang!


It seems there’s a certain window of time for people to establish themselves on new platforms. For example, famous “YouTubers” have been on the site for years now, and it can be tough to break into that industry since there are so many others trying to do the same thing. The same applies to Facebook, […]

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Scandalous Social Media! How To Stay Away From Controversy


There’s no doubt about it – people love gossip, controversy, and scandal. It’s these spicy little tidbits that keep the internet alive and thriving. Whenever a celebrity or politician says something wrong, we eat it up as quickly as possible. While this is entirely true, it could be a road block for social media marketers. […]

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Why Facebook’s Ad Preferences Works In Marketers’ Favor


An advertisement has to be really well made and relevant for the average social media user to pay attention to it. If it looks like spam or is pushing a product we have absolutely no interest in, we ignore it like the plague. Facebook knows this and is giving more power to the consumer by […]

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Emojis – :) or :( ? What A Smile Says About Marketing


A long time ago, someone very clever saw a colon and a parenthesis next to each other, turned their head, and saw a smiley face. That was the beginning of what we now call Emojis. Now, we see these little images on text messages, emails, and social media posts every day. They have fully integrated […]

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Loyal Customers: Your Social Media Secret Weapon


Remember when the only marketing was word of mouth? Neither do we. But testimonials from those who utilize your products or services and trust your brand are one of the most powerful tools you can use. This is still true in the world of social media marketing! People trust their peers more than they do […]

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