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Category : Facebook Messenger

Is Your Business Ready For These Social Media Updates?


Social media marketing is all about a friendly back-and-forth conversation between brands and customers. Companies need to send out a healthy dose of content onto their platforms to achieve the friendly and potentially sales-boosting engagement we all hope for. While there is a ton of ideas out there, there are particular posts that are reserved […]

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The Dying Art Of Facebook Organic Reach


At the risk of sounding old – back in the day, Facebook was a very different place for marketers. Posts had a better chance of reaching the right people organically without boosts. Sure, advertising was still around, but it wasn’t the life force of the platform. Now, it seems like selecting the right avenue in […]

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13 Daily Duties Of Social Media Marketers


When you’re working on the internet every day as social media marketers do, you need two essential qualities – the ability to focus and capacity to multitask. Focus is required so we can execute our intricate, multi-faceted jobs without a hitch, despite distractions. After all, we’re dealing with the internet, and funny videos and news […]

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Facebook Messenger’s Live Video Chat Gets a Revamp


For those aware of social media trends, Facebook’s recent update should come as no surprise. Video, more specifically LIVE video, continues to shake the social media industry to its core, and Facebook once again takes note from Snapchat. Facebook has recently revamped their Messenger app’s live video chat feature. While an option that rivaled Skype […]

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Why Social Media Marketers Need To Go Native


Sometimes, social media platforms’ algorithms present wonderful opportunities for marketers. Other times, they create challenges. The need for native content is a bit of both. Facebook, among other platforms, realized that they are better off when users stay inside their walls. They want people to stay on Facebook as long and often as possible. That’s […]

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5 Ways Apps Changed Social Media Forever


Remember when the only thing phones could do was make a phone call? Nowadays, you can literally run a whole business from the palm of your hand. Social media marketing is one of the industries that changed the most thanks to smartphone innovations. The main reason? Downloadable apps. With just the tap of a finger, users can […]

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YouTube’s Iron Fist: What It Says About Social Media


Ever since people realized that they could say whatever they want on the internet, there have been people trying to figure out rules, restrictions, and ultimately, censoring.  Obviously, once “censor” starts to be thrown around, all content creators’ ears perk up. Many creative individuals, whether they are in a business role or not, have found […]

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Evergreen Content VS Dated Content: What’s The Big Difference?


Did you know that Apple is going to reveal iPhone 7 soon? That may be news at the time of this article’s publication, but in maybe a month or just a few weeks, that sentence will have dated this whole article. In a year, we’ll be getting ready for iPhone 7S, or whatever version Apple […]

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How Marketers Can Win At Social Media Imagery


Social media marketers always say “Content is King.” But what content truly holds the crown? When all is said and done, visuals rule over all. Strong imagery can fire up a social media marketing campaign to new heights. But what if a company’s marketers aren’t photographers, graphic designers, or filmmakers? Even worse, what if the […]

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Falling On Deaf Ears? Focus Your Reach!


Social media marketing is about spreading your word as far and wide as possible, right? What if we told you that your business would actually benefit from a more focused audience? There’s something to be said about quality over quantity in the world of social media marketing. Think about a simple social media post, whether […]

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