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Category : Facebook Messenger

Why Social Media Marketing Is A Two-Way Street


What is the goal of social media marketing? The same as any marketing – brand promotion and awareness- right? On the macro level of things, sure. But when you take a closer look, it’s more about communication. Sales, ROI, and all that jazz comes a bit later. Social media has become the front line between […]

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What’s The Big Deal About Social Media Engagement?


Ah, engagement. The big “E” word. The thing all social media marketers strive for. But, why? And what does it even mean? It’s time to set the record straight. Engagement is the interactions users have with your social media posts and accounts. It’s conversations, reactions, shares, and ultimately, close connections. In its definition alone, you […]

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5 Ways To Write A Stellar Social Media Update


Ever since the early days of the newspaper, people have studied the power of the headline. Writers carefully selected each word so their paper would pull in readers. Social media marketing has evolved this concept. Thankfully, we don’t need people shouting “Extra!” on street corners. Instead, we have to make sure our updates are noticeable […]

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How To Make Your Customers Social Media Stars


Let’s face it. You can’t have close and personal connections with every single person that reaches out to your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, every now and again, some companies make selected customers genuinely happy by giving them some virtual fame. How exactly can you help customers feel special? Check out the following […]

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Is Your Business Ready For Chatbots?


Well, we’re in 2016, and there are no flying cars or robot butlers yet. But, we’re getting there. The concept of chatbots is a big step forward for both technological advancements and social media marketing. There has been a lot of buzz around these talkative programs lately, and the hype is only rising. So, here’s […]

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Speaking A Different Language?


Does it seem like you’re speaking a different language than your customers? You actually might be! I’m not saying you accidentally wrote your Facebook updates in Japanese, but perhaps you’re not speaking the way your customers like or understand. Social media, in a nutshell, is about two things – communication and community. As such, you’re […]

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How To Save Your Failing Facebook Page


Is your business struggling to make its mark on the web? Social media has proven to be the most effective avenue for online brand awareness, and Facebook is the best platform to find your perfect audience. With nearly 2 billion people actively logging in via desktops and mobile apps, a company can quickly stand in […]

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The 4 Facebook Ads Your Page Needs


Businesses of various sizes, industries, and locations are flocking to Facebook! Entrepreneurs and professionals realize that their target customer base is just a few clicks away. How are they promoting themselves? Facebook advertising! When one thinks of online advertising, those pesky pop-ups come to mind. Facebook advertisements are more subtle, engaging, and effective.  To make […]

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Why Is Facebook Advertising So Important?


Did you know that there are more Facebook users as there are people in China? The number of those on social media is hard to fathom. How can businesses hope to reach the right people? Facebook advertising gives marketers and their content a unique advantage! There has been a 50% increase of companies using Facebook […]

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4 Steps To Awesome Facebook Visuals


With all the content that’s online, how are readers supposed to remember your message? The answer lies in images. When visuals accompany Facebook posts, users retain 65% more of that message for the following three days. Striking imagery allows people to learn and remember information longer than mere words. Here are the best ways to use eye-catching, […]

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