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Category : Business

Yes, Even YOU Need Social Media Marketing


Have you ever said, “Yes, I know about social media, but it’s not really for my business.”? What about “We just don’t see the point in that stuff.”? We’ve heard it all before and guess what? Social media is for everyone. Professionals from a wide variety of industries are benefiting from using social media marketing […]

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Why Reddit Is About To Make Marketers Smile


From its inception, Reddit seemed to be the exception to many social media rules. Yes, you talked to people, but not people you knew in real life. You could like (or upvote) content, but you could also downvote it to internet oblivion. As popular as it is, Reddit always seemed to be an alternative to […]

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The Best Ways To Level Up Your Social Media Marketing


To this day, Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media platforms proudly proclaim that they are a free service. This business model is both a groundbreaking and troublesome tactic for companies trying to promote. Users can log into their profiles worry-free and see what their friends, family, and favorite brands are up to. While individuals […]

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4 Approaches To Educate Your Social Media Audience


A lot of people use social media for entertainment. It’s not hard to find funny pictures, videos, or lighthearted stories all over the internet. But there are still many of us with a thirst for knowledge.  Where do we turn?  Social media. One of the most significant ways businesses can engage with customers is educating […]

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Your Website: Your Social Media’s Biggest Fan


Online marketing is a broad term that encompasses both social media and a company’s website. Because of this, these two need to work symbiotically. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other platforms need help from your website, and vice versa. There is a bit of quid pro quo in online marketing. Some social media content should […]

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How Social Media Can Rock Your Company’s Events


Who says social media is confined to the digital world? While we do not have a physical leather-bound book called Facebook, or tiny blue birds sending out messages out to our favorite people, the digital world often visits reality through several avenues. One of the biggest ways businesses can use social media is to cover […]

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Social?


For decades, marketing was a fairly straightforward job. Regardless of the medium, the goal was to present the client’s product or service in the most positive light possible so customers would buy, buy, buy. There was no mistaking that all the content produced was advertising, commercials, and sales. Now, however, social media has changed everything. […]

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Spotlighting Your Employees On Social Media


Are you proud of your employees? Prove it on social media! A subtle promotional content curation idea we have found that works is spotlighting your employees. This puts your whole company in a good light by showing your followers and fans that you care about your teammates. We have seen several businesses both big and […]

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