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The Top 4 Ways to Be Original On Social Media


When you begin to plan content for your social media updates, a little bit of finesse is needed. Sure, you can always share, retweet, and comment on others’ material, but this cannot be your only activity on your account! To have an effective social media marketing strategy, you need original material. It is easier said […]

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New and Old Audiences of Social Media


Back in the day, social media was intended for teenagers and young adults to roam and cause ruckus. Mark Zuckerberg’s technological wonder, Facebook, was originally designed just for college students. In fact, in its early days you needed a “.edu” email address to sign up. However, things have begun to change– the grown-ups are now […]

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5 Reasons Analytics Can Help Your Social Media Marketing


As innovative and revolutionary social media is, it is still marketing and as such, it needs to be analyzed. There are many tools out there that can deliver you the data you need. Whether it is Hootsuite, Onlypult, or the internet insights many platforms offer, doing your research will really benefit your social media attempts. […]

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Putting “Live” Back into Conversations


In social media, an “instant response” is a highly sought after concept for businesses. On Facebook, pages will be rated on how quickly their response time is to a message. We’re told to reply to everything if possible. The pressure is on to be quicker, more precise, and we need to have a smile while […]

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The Domination of Social Media


It seems that we have an interesting relationship with social media. Sure, we get our news, connections, entertainment, and business advertisements through these intuitive websites, but in the same breath we’ll complain how our lives are being dominated by technology. Maybe people are addicted to these websites and the screens we view them on. Yet […]

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