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Category : advertising

How To Pick Your Pic: 4 Easy Steps On Getting Social Media Imagery Right


Here in social media country, creative writers and graphic designers alike can find a home. Social media thrives on the visual as much as it does the textual. With the written word, there’s plenty of rules to abide by. SEO rules will get your posts higher up on search engine results. Hashtags will get your […]

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Anybody Out There?! Understand your Followers


Those who are involved in the world of social media marketing could learn a great deal from a certain advertising star. Have you ever heard of Old Spice? If not, it’s a company that makes toiletries that are geared towards men. It’s been around since 1934 and as such, they’ve had some time to think […]

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Why Customers Are Your Biggest Social Media Fans


We’re aware of all the benefits social media has when it comes to personal communication. We’re able to connect like never before! That’s true when it comes to customer service as well. Each platform gives us unique opportunities to reach out to customers in innovative ways. Huffington Post explains how social media allows businesses to […]

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5 Things You Need to Know Before you Start Blogging


A blog is a powerful tool for a business to have in its utility belt. It can significantly improve your internet presence and, if done correctly, your peers will soon flock to you for your insights! However, one must learn to crawl before they can run, and one needs to learn how to blog before […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog


A blog, or weblog, has been an internet staple for quite some time, preceding our beloved social media platforms by decades. The medium has withstood the test of time and continues to help countless internet users get their word out. Blogs are a bit like chess, easy to learn and hard to master. Well, consider […]

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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Has Become Essential


Even before the internet took over everything, marketers had a duty to adapt the brand they represented to current trends. Whether the fashionable thing to do was to send out a thick catalog in the mail or to put up flashy billboards downtown, those in charge of promotions always had to keep contemporary. Today’s brands […]

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Are Your Images Social Media Ready?


With social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat rising in popularity, we see visual content becoming increasingly essential. After all, who wants to read anymore? Social media requires a nice balance of eye-capturing imagery and engaging copy. That being said, you can’t just pick a random picture, throw it onto your timeline, and expect […]

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