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Author : Christopher Tompkins

“I Have Enough Sales – I Don’t Need Social Media” – Why Social Media Marketing is Not All About Sales


One thing I hear again and again at trade shows, speaking engagements, consultations and even on sales calls is the statement “I have enough sales, I don’t need social media.” This statement is one that I completely understand.  If the sales were pouring in using traditional marketing methods, why would you go for social media […]

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My Social Media Company Did What?! 10 Questions to Ask a Social Media Marketing Company Before You Hire Them


Yesterday something happened that spurred me on to write this article and help protect other businesses.  I had a sales call scheduled with the owner of a beauty company.  They reached out to us, gave us some initial information and we decided via email it would be best to connect “live” to learn more about […]

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How a Daily Marketing Plan Can Make You More Effective


There is nothing worse than getting into the office and immediately feeling two days behind.  Go on, admit it…you have felt like this more often than not. Is it because you are ineffective at your job?  Nope. Is it because you have no time to get anything done?  Nope. Is it because you don’t have […]

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